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About Us

Practice Philosophy

This practice is committed to providing comprehensive general practice care to all individuals and families in this community

We believe that prevention of illness is an integral part of medical treatment and approach consultations with this in mind.

Our Doctors

Dr John Hatfield.jpg
Dr. John Hatfield

M.B., B.S

Dr James Langdon.jpg
Dr. James Langdon

M.B., B.S, F.R.A.C.G.P

Dr Ian Fowler.jpg

Dr. Ian Fowler 

M.B., B.S., R.A.C.O.G

Dr Julia Sher.jpg
Dr. Julia Sher


Dr Michael Hurley.jpg
Dr. Michael Hurley


Dr. Fairlie Wayne
M,B., B.S (Hons) / BA

Dr. Li Lyn Cheng

Dr. Smiley Crane

BSc Hons (Biomedical Sciences), MBBS, MRCGP, FRACGP, DRCoG, DFSRH

M.B., B.S, F.R.A.C.G.P

Dr. Patricia Didelis 


Dr. Richard Crawford


All doctors of this practice are committed to continued medical education, including engaging regularly in peer-review meetings. This ensures our doctors have a co-ordinated approach in their aim to provide quality medical treatment to their patients, as well as keeping up to date with the latest medical advice. 

Drs Hatfield and Langdon work on a full-time basis and have worked together in general practice for over twenty years.

Dr Ian Fowler is here Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Dr Julia Sher is here Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr Michael Hurley is here Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Dr Fairlie Wayne is here Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fairlie is available for IUD insertions and removals.

Dr Li Lyn Cheng is here Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Dr Smiley Crane is here Tuesday and Friday. Smiley is available for IUD insertions and removals.

Dr Patricia Didelis is here Saturday mornings for acupuncture 

Dr Richard Crawford is here Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 

Patients are advised not to e-mail the clinic with a request for medical advice or opinion. Please book an appointment if you need to speak with a doctor. 

Practice Manager: Nicola Wright 

Our Nurses

Susan Breen is a RN Div.1 and Nurse Immuniser with many years experience in general & aged care nursing. Susan is available for in home Health Assessment bookings.

Naomi O'Haire is a RN Dic.1 and Nurse Immuniser. Naomi has a background in general nursing, aged care and a long career in midwifery

Maree Warren is a RN Div.1 and Nurse Immuniser with many years experience in pediatric nursing

Christie Bell is a RN Div.1 and Nurse Immuniser with an extensive background in NICU nursing and is passionate about family centered care

Danica Mayrana is a RN Div.1 and Nurse Immuniser with extensive knowledge of chronic disease management 

Our nursing staff are constantly upskilling their expertise in wound management, paediatric & travel immunisation, health check-ups & education, and chronic disease management.

The nurses also provide in clinic nursing care for immunisations, dressings, general advice, travel vaccinations, 75+ Health assessments (home based) and much more!

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