Covid Update 08/06/2021

Updated: Jun 8

Please find below a list of links and resources relating to Covid-19, Covid Vaccine hubs etc.

Can I have my Covid Vaccine at your medical centre?

No. We currently have no further information about if/when we will receive the vaccine.

How do I book my Covid Vaccine?

Telephone: by calling the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398. For an interpreter, press 0. 

Online Booking: Click on the Eligibility Tracker link Fill out the survey and find a location close to you

Can I get a Covid-19 test at your medical centre?

No. This clinic does not have the facilities to treat or test for Corona Virus.

Where can I get tested?

Online: Click on the link Telephone: 1800 675 398 If you are unable to leave the house due to injury, mobility, or other eligible reasons, Call-To-Test is available by calling Coronvarius Hotline Tel: 1800 675 398

List of current exposure sites:

Link to current Victorian restrictions:

Link to latest Covid data: